The 12th International Symposium on Spin and Magnetic Field Effects in Chemistry and Related Phenomena

The Spin Chemistry Meeting 2011 (SCM-2011), as is the short name of the symposium, has been held on 15-20 May 2011 in Hotel "De Witte Raaf" in Noordwijk in The Netherlands.

The next meeting, the SCM-2013, will be held in Bad Hofgastein in Austria in May 2013. Updates can also be found at the Spin Chemistry Portal (http://spinportal.chem.ox.ac.uk/). 

Dr Jörg Matysik
(Conference Chair)


Poster size (update)

Poster size is either A0 portrait or A0 landscape (The poster screen is 118.5 cm broad and 146.0 cm high).

Registration is now closed

If you are still interested in visiting the meeting, please send an email to the conference organisation: scm2011@chem.leidenuniv.nl.

Download the Conference programme

Download the updated conference programme (pdf file) below. The latest version of the programme can also be accessed at the programme section of this website.

Download list of posters

Download the list of posters presented during the two poster sessions.

Satellite meeting

Lorentz Workshop on Spin Caloritronics
Lorentz-Center, Leiden, 9-13 May 2011

UPDATE: the maximum number of participants of the workshop has now been reached.

Symposium themes

  • Chemical effects of electron and nuclear spins
  • Magnetic field effects on chemical reactivity
  • Magnetic isotope effects on chemical reactivity
  • Radical pair chemistry and physics
  • Spin transport and single spin phenomena
  • Electron and nuclear hyperpolarization
  • Theory of spin chemistry
  • Role of spin in the function of photoreceptor proteins

Previous Spin Chemistry Meetings

1991 Tomakomai, Japan
1992 Konstanz, Germany
1994 Chicago, USA
1996 Novosibirsk, Russia
1997 Jerusalem, Israel
1999 Emmetten, Switzerland
2001 Tokyo, Japan
2003 Chapel Hill, USA
2005 Oxford, UK
2007 San Servolo, Italy
2009 St Catharines, Canada

Download the Symposium poster

The SCM-2011 symposium poster can be downloaded below in pdf format.