Publication of Papers

A special issue of the journal Applied Magnetic Resonance is planned in conjunction with the conference. The guest editor will be J. Matysik. All participants are invited to submit full-length article manuscripts of original research for publication. The articles will undergo the usual peer review process by two referees. Note that Applied Magnetic Resonance is now available online.

Preparation of Manuscripts
Please click here for general instructions for preparing manuscripts for publication in Applied Magnetic Resonance.

Submission of manuscripts
Manuscripts should be submitted via the Applied Magnetic Resonance electronic manuscript submission website. Please choose the article type "SCM-2011" for manuscripts from the special issue.

Submission Deadline
Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their manuscripts before the Spin Chemistry Meeting. Manuscripts received after 30 May 2011 may not be published in the special issue.

Last Modified: 24-03-2011